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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Our discovery of the power of Vitamin D will be the greatest silver lining to the COVID-19 Pandemic. As more and more COVID-19 patients are found to be Vitamin D deficient, we are starting to understand the importance of Vitamin D.

The Vitamin D Protocol - Dr Lesley Ray Matthews

Dr Leslie Ray Matthews, a trauma surgeon at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia


Dr. Matthews has spoken nationally and internationally regarding his patented treatment of Vitamin D in extreme trauma. Some of the organizations that have requested his expertise are: The Center of Disease Control, The U.S. Food & Drug Administration, The United Nations, Health and Human Services, and the U.S. Army. His expertise has been sought after especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“I’ve met with a lot of government officials who didn’t know about what vitamin D can do,” Matthews says. “I’ve been giving lectures to educate them. You have to have a passion for it. Most people, once they see the evidence, accept what I’m saying. For instance, in our hospital, our mortality rate is down 42% with critically ill patients for all traumas with our new vitamin D protocol.”

Vitamin D controls the Immune Response System in the fight against COVID-19 and all other illnesses

Dr Matthews biggest message to people is that Vitamin D is NOT a vitamin. Vitamin D is a natural steroid hormone that controls over 30% of Human DNA including the Immune and Inflammatory Response systems. It is critical in the human body's ability to fight infections, diseases, and viruses.

"It increases the number of white blood cells able to fight off the CoronaVirus."

Dr Matthews' High-Dose Vitamin D Treatment decreased Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia from 80% down to 20% at Grady Memorial Hospital.


Dr Matthews claims that one study showed that 98.8% of his patients in the ICU at Grady Memorial Hospital in sunny Atlanta were Vitamin D Deficient.

"Vitamin D deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the World period hands down."

24 Reasons People Are Vitamin D Deficient..

  1. Dark Skin

  2. Obesity

  3. Old Age

  4. Breast Milk is low in Vitamin D

  5. Medications decrease Vitamin D Levels

  6. Too much time indoors

  7. Vegetarians lack Vitamin D from fish

  8. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  9. Malabsorption Syndrome

  10. Living above the 32nd Latitude (less sunlight)

  11. Pregnancy

  12. Indoor Athletes

  13. Using Too Much Sunscreen

  14. Vitamin D Production is Seasonal (Sunlight)

  15. Skin Grafts for Burns

  16. Liver Failure

  17. Nephrotic Syndrome

  18. Chronic Kidney Disease

  19. Diet

  20. Indoor Working/Living

  21. Clothing

  22. Acute Illness

  23. Primary Hyperparathyroidism

  24. Hyperthyroidism

Vitamin D Supplementation

Vitamin D Levels 40-70 ng/ml

Why the 30 ng /ml government standard for a normal Vitamin D level is too low

The Miracles at Grady Memorial Hospital

Dr. Matthews attributes these miraculous full recoveries to the Vitamin D Treatment

US would save $800 Billion a year in medical costs

Vitamin D Reducing the Use of Painkillers and Narcotics

Vitamin D Program for Academics, Athletics and Military

Dr. Matthews presided over a parent-led Vitamin D supplementation protocol at Martin Luther King, Jr. High School in Lithonia, Georgia, where his nephew was a student athlete. In 2011, the school began a nutrition program that included a daily dose of vitamin D. During their last two football seasons, the football team finished with a 23-2 record in a competitive 5A conference. Even more important, MLK football team has only had one concussion and almost a 100% reduction in sports injuries over the past two years. Forty-nine MLK student athletes have received four-year scholarships to play football at the college level over the past two seasons.

Healing Injuries and Wounds

Dr Matthews says, "Vitamin D is one of the strongest anti-inflammatory agents on the planet."

Vitamin D Study Cuts Heart Attacks by 50%

Why is there a resistance against Vitamin D?

Q & A

Dr Leslie Ray Matthews Bio

Dr. Matthews is a full-time faculty member of Morehouse School of Medicine, Department of Surgery. He was appointed Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery in February 2007. Dr. Matthews serves as a surgical critical care and trauma surgeon. Dr. Matthews received his medical degree in May 1989 from the University of Mississippi. He completed his surgical residency training at Morehouse School of Medicine in 1997; with prior residency training from Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Western Care Reserve System in Youngstown, Ohio, and the District of Columbia General Hospital in Washington, D.C. In June 2004, Dr. Matthews completed a two-year surgical critical care fellowship at the Mayo Clinical College of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota. He was a Senior Associate Consultant at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota from 2004-2006. Matthews is a diplomat of the American Board of Surgery receiving certification in both General Surgery and Surgical Critical Care.

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